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Knicks defeated Philadelphia 76ers comprehensively in the opening match

Knicks got a good start with a win against Philadelphia 76ers in the opening match of in the first match of home series on Sunday. Carmelo Anthony played an important role behind winning the match for his team. He scored 27 crucial points by the help of which Knicks won the match by 100-84 margin. J.R. Smith also played well as he scored 20 points.
They played a lot of extra passes and as a result their performance looked very comprehensive. Anthony was extremely happy with the result of the match and he has given full credit to the boys of his team. He said, “We have belief on our capability. All the players of the team are efficient and we are only looking at win.”
Philadelphia 76ers has badly missed their one of the most important player Andrew Bynum but on the other hand Knicks handled the situation quite well. Their forward Amar’e Stoudemire was not playing in this match but Anthony took the place of him and played quite efficiently. Felton and Kidd were playing their parts wonderfully in the back-court.
They scored 104 points against Miami and won that encounter is well on last Friday. Therefore, they are only continuing their good form and winning matches in a row.
Philadelphia also started well in the season by winning the opening match by a good margin of 84-75. However, they could not play with the same efficiency in this match. Their defense was not playing well and as a result of this they were playing slow and creating a lot of spaces open for Knicks.
Philadelphia coach also admitted the fact that it was difficult to play against the Knicks. In the first part of the match Knicks took a lead of 31-25 by the help of Anthony and Felton both of whom scored 9 points each. As the match progressed they increased the margin and when only 4:25 was the remaining time they had a lead of 71-55 and Philadelphia 76ers could not come back in the match.
This was no doubt an extremely special match for Anthony. Before, he was famous for his scoring ability. However, today he jumped over the first row of chairs to save a ball. According to him there was no chance of injury as he knew exactly where he was going to put his feet. Well, his performance really impressed all the other players of the team.
There is another bad news for Philadelphia 76ers as one of their very important players Jason Richardson injured his left ankle as he stepped on a cameraman. Though the X-ray report is not bad, he would not be able to play on Monday.

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Influential David Ortiz re-signs a 2 year contract for the Red Sox

Though some negotiations still to be made, it is pretty much sure and David Ortiz is also aware of the fact that in this season he would be making his return to the Red Sox.
Ben Cherington, general manager of the Red Sox made considerable progress regarding the issue of David Ortiz and improved the player’s mood to make him return to Boston.
Ben Cherington was quick to add on the transfer issue that the team had number of matter to sort out right after the season, but the major issue was to get David Ortiz re-signed. This was going to be a very important initial step in the club’s offseason.
For almost 10 years, Ortiz had been an exceptional performer for the Red Sox. David’s on field performance speaks for him. Not only in the field David has been an inspirational leader off the field too.
With his extra ordinary performances on the field and excellent human characteristics off the field, David Ortiz has become an iconic figure in Boston.
On Monday, Ortiz signed a $26 million contract with Red Sox for duration of two year. This would also help in fulfilling Ortiz’s dream of retiring in the Red Sox jersey.
Ortiz was very generous and did not forget to thank the Red Sox management. He expressed his gratitude for the club management by thanking the owners and letting him know that the Red Sox want him back once again.
Ortiz also made it clear that he had spend enough time preparing for the challenges in MLB Baseball competition and he is fully prepared for it. He challenged the other teams by giving an open threat that he wants to see severe pain in the opposition and he is obsessed to winning matches.
According to the Red Sox owner, John Henry, David Ortiz has been undoubtedly one of the best positive influences in the history of Red Sox. He has been hot favorites among the supporters, an inspirational leader among his co-players and a strong force in the centre of lineups which have produced immense happiness and joy for New England.
In the present era, the transfer of player among the different cities is irrelevant, but David Ortiz belongs to one of such exceptional species that is heavily identified for the side which he plays in MLB Baseball tournament.
Not only in terms of productivity but also David Ortiz has been a clutch for Red Sox.

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